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A N Express Ltd – Privacy Policy
AN Express Ltd has adopted this statement in order to comply with the Data Protection Act 1998 and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR 2018). This policy will be regularly reviewed and updated to mirror the changes in legislations and other policies of the company. This policy applies to the UK office of AN Express Ltd at 208a-210 Whitechapel Road, London, E1 1BJ as well as to paid staff and volunteers outside of UK and EEA countries.
Due to the nature of the business, AN Express needs to collect certain sensitive data related to the public including but not limited to passport, driver’s license and proof of address documents. The data collected may belong to customers, staff or other business entities. To comply with the laws, the company may also need to collect additional documents in order to uphold the Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements. The information obtained and retained will be dealt with utmost care and conscientiousness whether collected via means of paper, electronically or otherwise. There are very secure safeguarding measures put in place to protect information correctly and lawfully as we appreciate the implications if any information were compromised.
We fully endorse and adhere to the eight principles as set out in the Data Protection Act. These principles state that all personal data should be:
– Processed fully and lawfully
– Processed for lawful, necessary reason and not in any other way which would not be compatible with those purposes
– Relevant and adequate no more than necessary
– Accurate and up to date
– Not kept for longer than necessary
– Processed in line with the data subjects’ line
– Kept secure
– Not be imported/transferred to any country where are no strong data protection governance
Our reason for holding customer information is to fulfil our criteria and have obtained permission from the authorised body to be holding such data. We will not disclose these data to any third parties apart from our sub companies and/or unless legally/lawfully obliged to do so.
We have a responsible marketing policy and do not give your details, or details of related individuals, to any other company outside AN Express Ltd and AN Travel Ltd (as listed on our ICO register certificate. You may access this for verification purposes from the Information Commissioner’s Office.

Your personal information is processed under applicable law and controlled by A N Express Ltd. We use personal information you provide to us when using our products and services, as well as other information that is collected or generated during our relationship with you. This includes information from other services like money transfers, loyalty, promotion or membership program details, previous use of our services history, and marketing choices. This information is used to provide you with the services you have asked for and for activities such as administration, customer service, anti-money laundering, compliance and legal duties, validate your details, to help us understand our consumers by doing analysis and research of the information we hold, to help prevent and detect fraud, debt and theft, to help us improve our products, services and operations, you as a Payer and your Payee’s name, date of birth, home telephone number, home address, email address and mobile telephone you expressly consent to A N Express Ltd contacting you from time to time by telephone, post, e-mail or SMS/MMS messaging and targeted or personalized messaging (e.g. on social media and other digital channels) with news, offers, services and promotions concerning A N Express Ltd’s Services. You understand and agree that any charges imposed by the provider of such services are your sole responsibility. You can withdraw your consent at any time.

A N Express Ltd may also use, collect from and share with other businesses that work with us, information from other products and services and convenience and/or rewards programs, for which you have registered. This information may be used for any of these purposes in this section. We will hold and retain the information that you give us about another person including the details of the receiver of our services in order to execute the transaction. Prior to providing this information you are obliged to notify and secure authorization from the other person on our use of this information as set out in this section. The provision of this information is optional information, but needed to execute the transaction and provide these services to you. Without it, A N Express Ltd is unable to provide the money transfer, facilitate convenience activities or other requested services.
We may provide the information we hold to parties located outside the EEA, including the USA, for the purposes set out in this statement. The categories of data transferred are personally identifiable information, contact details and information relating to the money transfer, transaction history, and any other Information supplied by you. We may also provide the information to other organizations, including those that help us run our business, if there is a reasonable need to do so, to carry out or aide the money transfer, future services, or for any of the reasons or uses set out in this section. We may add to information you provide with information from other businesses or individuals, including information to validate the accuracy of your information provided by you. A N Express Ltd and our affiliates worldwide may disclose/share your personal information, including without limitation your details as a Payer and your Payee’s information to the regulatory authority or to our correspondent or within our organisation outside of EEA for day to day operational purpose to fulfil our KYC verification process before we complete the transaction, name, date of birth, customer IDs number, address, transaction patterns and bank account information, (i) if we are required to do so by domestic or foreign law or legal process or (ii) to law enforcement authorities or other government officials (including those in this country, the United States or elsewhere) for purposes such as detecting, investigating, prosecuting and preventing crimes, including money laundering and related criminal activity, and the recipients may further disclose the information for these and other related purposes.

The information we hold may be accessed by A N Express Ltd and our affiliates including but not limited to A N Express Ltd’s Payment Services in the UK and outside of EEA, for any of the reasons set out in this section or for other purposes to which you have agreed. You have a right to ask us to see and get a copy of your information, for which we may charge a small fee. You can also correct, erase or limit our use of the information which is incomplete, inaccurate or out-of-date. And you may object at any time on legitimate reasons to the use of your information, where the processing is not required to complete the service, or required by law or regulation. If you wish to exercise these rights or no longer wish to receive commercial communications from A N Express Ltd, please contact A N Express Ltd by calling 020 7426 0113 (available from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.), info@anexpress.com, 208A-210 Whitechapel Road, London, E1 1BJ, or alternatively by contacting us via our website www.anexpress.com or your secure online log in internal message page.