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How often should a customer’s record be updated?
Genuine hospitality and promotional expenditure that is incurred in order to improve a company’s image and services is bribery.
Businesses must maintain records of all staff training and reading. This is to:
All records of transactions should be kept for a period of:
If hospitality or promotions are offered to influence an official to secure business or a business advantage, or to improperly induce a potential client to award a contract, it can amount to bribery.
To run a credit search on a customer, it is necessary to:
Customer-facing staff should report suspicious transactions to:
All compliance measures must be implemented on a technological base e.g. hi-tech computer software, etc:
Criminal property is:
Which of the following is not a feature of electronic checking?
UK passports have a standard validity period of:
If a customer has come to you for the first time with two friends, each wanting to transfer significantly large sums of funds to the same beneficiary, would you proceed with the transfer?
According to the Money Laundering Regulations 2007:
What is involved in customer due diligence?
Money laundering activity includes:

When must IDs be obtained?
Who are beneficial owners?
Criminal property is:
Identify features of a current-style (post 2011) UK passport.
Although paying a bribe is unlawful under the Bribery Act 2010, receiving a bribe is not unlawful.
A basic requirement of a monitoring system is that:
If a member of the armed forces comes into the premises to transfer money abroad and shows his official ID, he/she is not required to provide any further ID documents.
Identify features of a current-style UK driving licence.
What establishes the list of proscribed organisations with which financial institutions may not deal?
Proof of income is required when a customer’s transaction total exceeds:
Which of the following is a mandatory check in the electronic verification of ID?
An agent of a MSB does not need to register itself as a MSB if its transactions are all made through its principal MSB

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