AN Express has made extensive arrangements when it comes to money transfer into Pakistan. Immediate electronic transfer of funds via participating banks in the RGTS network has ensured that those looking to find quick money remittance solutions have their requests processed within the least possible time.

Volume of exchange being huge has been one of the biggest factors in propelling us to provide the most cost effective money remittance services to Pakistan. Our excellent order verification systems have found appreciation from all the banks in Pakistan and this has ensured that money transfer requests are processed easily without any kind of procedural delays. In fact, any error in processing if occurring from the customer end is already taken care of through our technical team. In such cases, immediate rectification procedures are carried out for ensuring continuous processing of orders.

Excellent and multi-channeled communication between RGTS network participating banks and Pakistan’s electronic fund distribution system has taken money remittance to a whole new level. Whether you are looking to send money to Pakistan for personal reasons or other business related investments, every transaction is carried out with utmost diligence and customer satisfaction.