From the Managing Director

Welcome to our new website; AN Express continues to evolve with time and our energies are fully focused on customers and making sure we provide the best of services to them.

The industry came under intense changes over the past couple of month. We’ve had the opportunity to rethink our strategy, revise our operating model and relook at some of the policies that govern our business model – after all these efforts, we have come out ever more stronger and committed to provide and deliver on our promise of being the business that is secure and trusted to transfer your monies to your loved ones.

We’are also making changes to our online model that will make it more simpler and effective for you to do the transaction. We would like to hear from you on your views on how best we could provide you better service that is tailored to your needs. You can also access our website through our web app using your smartphones.

Another thing we are adding to our website is our new AN Blog; we will be keeping our customer up to date about service changes, offering, information about any issues we are facing in our delivery chains or to simply say a friendly ‘hello!’

I look forward to speaking to you more often.

Abdul Noor Ullah
Managing Director