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 Individual Customers

In most cases our stand alone customers are the ones who wish to transfer money for their respective personal needs, such as money transfer to their families residing in parent country. However, if you are someone willing to invest in overseas companies, projects and other schemes, we also have adequate facilities to transfer your investment to the respective channels. Our payment system has been adequately designed to handle all the money transfer needs for individual customers without any kind of procedural delays or other administrative hassles.

Prevention of Fraudulent Transfers

AN EXPRESS is thoroughly committed for the prevention of any kind of fraudulent or malicious money transfers and there are some basic formalities that customers need to comply with. Guidelines prescribed by AML Compliance and Risk Assessment procedures are followed completely. However, these procedures are for the benefits of our customers and in no way cause hindrance when it comes to smooth and trouble free cash transfers at all times.

4 easy ways of transferring money

(i) Use our branches for cash transfers: You can use the services of our branches for making direct payments. We have dedicated service executives who will provide exemplary guidance regarding all the formalities that have to be done.

(ii) Bank Transfers: In this method you make use of an AN EXPRESS account for making the initial transfer from your account to the AN EXPRESS account. Once this transfer has been made you can easily contact our helpdesk section via telephone for commencing the money transfer process. Once the transaction details are taken in our trained staff will make sure that the process is completed within the shortest possible time.

(iii) Pay Online Using Our Software Platform: We have developed a highly secure and efficient online payment system that allows money transfers from anywhere around the world. To use our system, customers have to complete compliance procedures which are necessary to make sure that there is transparency of services and no occurrence of fraudulent activities. The best part about this system is that not everything depends on the computer and the software. We understand that human intelligence and interpretation reigns supreme and for this reason the money remittance requests that are placed in our online system are checked manually to ensure that all procedural guidelines are followed. This is the backbone behind the stunning reputation that AN EXPRESS has managed to create in the world of money remittance.

(iv) Authorised Agents: AN EXPRESS understands the busy working schedules of its esteemed customers and their problems in carrying out money transfers on their own. We have roped in several authorised agents for making sure that your money reaches the desired destination without any kind of hassles. Every agent fulfils the legal obligations of AN EXPRESS to ensure that financial activities remain regulated.