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Corporate Clients and Business End Customers

Whatever may be the volume of your business operation, AN EXPRESS provides extensive money transfer services for corporate clients so as to bring about quick international money transfer services. Many of our corporate clients have recommended our services to their partnering companies considering the ease and swiftness of money transfer operations experienced with AN EXPRESS.

Corporate accounts with low administrative fees are provided and money transfer facilities can be extended by the company for its employees. This has initiated huge volumes of transactions and allowed us to bring about money remittance at unmatched exchange rates and with the lowest possible service charges in the market.


We understand the need for money transfer at the local and community level. This is the reason why our facilities and services can be easily used by other agents and affiliates to bring about seamless and hassle free money remittance at the local level. Often agents and other small setups have a plethora of customers but do not have the right technological platform for carrying out international money transfers which currently is regulated by a number of laws and regulations. We provide our regulated platform to agents who in turn extend the services to their customers. Thus we have managed to penetrate through the core areas with regard to international money transfer. Click here to learn more


Through our intense dedication in the field of international money transfer we have developed robust services for banks and other financial institutions looking for high value money transfer services. We are partners with a number of money exchange companies all across the globe so that different service requests regarding money remittance can be honored with the shortest span of time. Contact us for more information

Our Consultancy Services:

We believe in globalization and mutually beneficial partnerships for a growth oriented business model. This is the reason why AN EXPRESS offers robust financial consultancy in the field of International money transfers, money exchange and other services related to money remittance all across the globe. We have managed to develop a strong team of experts that chalk out systematic business plans for companies looking to venture out in the field of money transfers. Several companies and individual businesses have taken the help of our expertise in avoiding pitfalls and other strategic losses in this field to reap profits and benefits right from the start. It pays to take advice from those who have the right kind of expertise in the competitive and volatile money transfer market. We provide systematic business plans for companies and individuals looking to develop their own businesses in money transfer sector.

Money exchange services

Get the best exchange rates through our branches for a number of currencies. You can easily compare our offers with other options to get an immediate idea regarding the benefits and advantages of using our services. Due to the volume of trading that we are able to conduct every single day, it becomes easy for us to provide money exchange with low service charges.