Agents Requirements

In order to become an Affiliate of AN Express, you must fulfil the requirements of FSA and HMRC and AN Express fit and proper standard. The reason we need these information is to identify and confirm you as a reputable firm, and individuals who are capable of safe guarding public funds and be able to maintain a professional and fruitful relationship by protecting AN Express brand.


In order to become an Affiliate of AN Express Ltd, please provide the following documents of your company and directors/owners. The documents need to be attested by your lawyer.

1. Introduction – Why choose AN Express Ltd as your Principle Service Provider for Money Remittance Business

2. The Money Service Business (MSB) Certificate from your regulatory body, if any

3. Completed FSA PSD-Agent form (Will be provided to you through email)

4. A copy of your company registration certificate and two pictures in/out of the office location

5. A copy of your latest business utility bill and lease/tenancy agreement

6. A copy of the latest utility bill/bank statement of each director/proprietor’s home addresses

7. A letter of reference from your bank manager

8. A copy of your valid passport

9. A copy of your National Insurance/Social security card

10. A recent passport sized picture (not more than 6 months old for each director)

11. A up to date copy of each director/proprietor’s CV

12. Please complete the Affiliate Online Application form at:

13. Signed two copies of the Originator Agreement (provided through email)

14. Please see the list of EEA countries if you wish to expand your business in the EEA

15. Please provide one trade reference in support of your statement below;

16. Please provide a signed written statement which is attested by your lawyer. The statement should cover the following: the identity of the directors and persons responsible for management and evidence that they are fit and proper persons, (i.e. their honesty, integrity, reputation, competence and capability, financial soundness, any relevant convictions or involvement in relevant criminal proceedings or investigations, relevant civil or administrative cases, relevant disciplinary action (including disqualification as company director or bankruptcy), involvement in money laundering, market abuse, misconduct or fraud that we may need to know of).


We would also like to see evidence of the following when we consider your application:

1. Your business premises need to be suitable to carry out this business. The following equipment is essential for the day to day running of the business: a computer, broadband internet access with a static IP address, a fax machine, a photocopier, a printer, a scanner, an official e-mail address and a telephone line. We expect your lawyer to inspect your business premises and provide a report confirming that you meet this requirement.

2. An Office Manager who has good knowledge of this business and AML regulations with good customer service and IT skill.

3. Suitable one-off terms and conditions and framework terms and conditions for remittance services. Suitable short-form Conduct of Business policy, complaints policy, risk assessment policy, data protection policy, AML manual and staff training manual.

You may post or bring all the documents to our head office at, AN Express Ltd, 208A, Whitechapel Road, London, E1 1BJ, UK.

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